7 Reasons Your AC Is Not Cooling

7 Reasons Your AC Is Not Cooling

7 Reasons Your AC Is Not Cooling

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Summer is here and it’s impossible to sit without the air conditioner running. But if you have chosen to read this article, then there is a high chance that you are still disappointed and frustrated even with the air conditioner in your living room or office. So, perhaps the case is that as you are reading this article, you are also wiping the sweat off your brow and glaring at the AC on the wall that is doing absolutely nothing to help right?

If yes, this article is for you. Read on to find the perfect solution to your problem. It may require you to be standing on your stool for some serious work but the good part is at the end of it all you are going to be happy and smiling again.

 7 reasons your AC is not cooling your house:


Your Air Filters May Be Dirty

Have you ever considered checking your air filters? Because, if you have not, this could be one of the reasons why your air conditioner isn’t cooling. A good air conditioner requires its air filters to be well maintained in order to be functioning properly.

A dirty air filter will make it very difficult for your air conditioner to cool your room. This is why timely checking and cleaning of your air filter is important.

Your Condenser May Be Blocked

acNow, this is another thing you probably would not have thought about. A blocked condenser. The condenser plays a very important role in keeping your room cool and if it’s blocked, it is going to prevent the flow of cool air into your room.

Condensers can again be blocked by dust or dirt. So, cleaning the air filter alone is not enough. Remember that you have to keep your air conditioner’s condenser clean too.

Your Condenser May be Frozen

Now, this is the third problem on your list. While your condenser might be clean, there are chances that it is frozen, and if it is, then this could be another reason for your room not receiving enough cool air.

A frozen condenser won’t work properly and this makes it very important to maintain the condenser in your air conditioner not just in terms of keeping it clean but in things like this too.

Your Refrigerant Could Be Leaking

Now, you might have not thought about this, have you? So yes, here it is. Your refrigerant could be leaking. This is in fact, one of the most common problems in air conditioners in certain countries.

In such a case, what you can do is to get your refrigerant substituted. This is in fact a far better solution that fixing your spoilt refrigerant.

Your Evaporator Could Be Dirty

Too many things to clean when it comes to your air conditioner, right? Well, that’s life. At least life with an air conditioner. So, keep your evaporator clean in order to make sure that your air conditioner is working properly.

You need to ensure that your  evaporator is clean and free from all dirt and debris if you want your air conditioner to be functioning properly.

Your Thermostat Could Be Broken

Now, it’s not all about cleaning. Your thermostat could be broken too. Check it out. If it is, that is the reason your air conditioner has not been cooling your room.

The performance of your thermostat is very important and goes a long way in determining the performance of your air conditioner. So, ensure that this is checked frequently too.

The Wrong Size

Have you ever considered the fact that it could be the size of your air conditioner that has been affecting its cooling your room? Perhaps your AC is just too small for your palatial living room?

In such a case, there is no second option. You will have to get your AC replaced for something bigger and better. It’s only logical right?


So, now that you know what the reason behind your problem is, get started on your air conditioner now. The sooner you get this fixed, the less painful summer days you are going to have. So, here’s hoping you have a great summer be it at your home or office.

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