Air Cooler

Spare Assurance

Fixed price for spare parts

Please Note

In case service is not availed post inspection by the technician, Rs 249 will be applicable as inspection charges

Do ask the professional for job card for the work done it will contain information of the repair work & spare used

what type of geyser do you have?


Grass(Khas) Change
  • includes charging of grass pade of 3 faces
  • cost of grass pade will be charged extra

Rs. 149

Servicing & cleaning
  • includes complete in and out cleaning
  • Inspecting the health of pump,motor and fan

Rs. 249

Fan Motor Repair
  • Complete diagnosis and repair of Fan Motor
  • Inspecting the health of pump, motor and fan
  • Rewinding cost will extra

Rs. 299

Water Pump Repair
  • Complete diagnosis and repair of water pump
  • cost of water pump varies upon the brand

Rs. 249

Fan Replacement
  • Replacement of Fan of the cooler
  • Cost of the fan varies upon the brand and quality

Rs. 299

Other Repairs
  • Complete diagnosis and repair
  • Part will be replaced only if necessary

Rs. 249

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