Spare Assurance

Fixed price for spare parts

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At the point when you call our firm, our Electricians will go to your home to fix the fireplace. 

Smokestack services focus – The electric stack is a significant part of our cooking. Our kitchens are not like other locales. Here we use oils and flavors. The way toward preparing food spread smell and some measure of dangerous gases like carbon mono oxide. Stack services focus assists with preparing food in a calm condition. 

Be that as it may, what happened when stack doesn’t work appropriately? It makes a disturbance in the everyday schedule of cooking. It can likewise influence the strength of the cook. The greater part of the electrician requires some investment in fixing. It is difficult for the best fireplace services focus. 

Please Note

In case service is not availed post inspection by the technician, Rs 249 will be applicable as inspection charges

Do ask the professional for job card for the work done it will contain information of the repair work & spare used

Visit Charge Rs 300

Repair Charge Rs 350

Services    Rs 700

Installation    Rs 400

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