What are the Top Ten Tools Used by a Professional Electrician?

No electrical work can be done without using proper tools. Any professional electrician would need a few top-quality tools that he simply cannot do without for even small chores. Here, we get updated with some must-have tools that any person working with electricity must have in his toolkit, be it a professional or an amateur. Check it out!

  1. Pliers

Pliers are critical for cutting and twisting wires. They can even grip and pull the wire. There are various types of pliers available in the market today but most professionals prefer a do-it-all plier. No professional can do without it. But many prefer its variables like the side-cutting pliers, side-cutting pliers, needle-nose pliers, etc.

  1. Screwdrivers and nut drivers

A quality set of screwdrivers and nut drivers is one of the must-have electrical tools. You have a ton of variations available here. You just choose a set that best meets your purpose.

  1. Wire crimper

It is a necessary tool for electricians to repair wires at faulty circuit connections. As evident, they are used to crimp and twist the wires for a neat connection.

  1. Insulating Gloves

You will find no credible and professional electrician in Jaipur without these insulating gloves. These gloves protect them from touching live electrical points and avoid any electric shock by touching lice parts while working. You need to ensure that it is a certified and quality piece.

  1. Digital multimeter

It is one of the most essential electrical tools found in the toolkit of an electrician. It helps measure the intensity of electric power in the circuit and even measures the temperature.

  1. Wire strippers

It is used to cleanly cut and strip away the insulation on wires and help us forge connections between two wires or other devices. It must have ergonomically designed handles and curved cutting blades for greater accuracy.

  1. Fish tape

Also popular by the names of draw/wire tape; it comes in handy while routing new wires through the wall, PVS, metal, or just about any electrical conduit. No electrician can do a neat job without it.

  1. Channel Locks

These handy workhorses come in handy while installing any conduit. You get channel locks with different diameters to working seamlessly with conduits of different diameters though the industry standard is for 2 1/4- inch channel locks.

  1. Claw Hammer

While a hammer is useful for many; it is a must-have tool for electrical professionals working in the construction frame. You can easily remove nail and wood pieces and lay down proper wiring. It needs to be ergonomically designed and facilitate a good grip when swinging it.

  1. T-Stack Modular Organizer

No professional can do without a quality organizer to keep his tools in it so that they are handy and safe. All electrical tools re extremely sharp and can even cut away from your fingers! Organizing all tools in this box makes them organized and easily accessible.

Apart from these basic tools, a professional electrician would have a bounty of latest tools and gadgets to make his task easier, less messy, and finish it off with enhanced precision.

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